Avant Agro has been established in 2014. Avant Agro develops in the direction of organic berries growing: blueberry raspberry, strawberry and honey production. Our production assets are in Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions. Avant Agro is strategically oriented to the European and USA markets, that is why the company conducts within international standards from the first day; that allows us to be competitive on world markets.

  • Blueberry

Blueberry is a slightly new berry for Ukraine that increase its popularity every year due to its taste and curative properties. More than 100 years ago this plant was nurtured in North America and now it is one of the most popular consumption berries in the USA and Canada. For the last 20 years blueberry conquered the European market and geography of conquering spreads constantly. Bushes in high of 150-170 cm, a berry is large – up to 2 сm in a diameter, has many curative properties. Berries are a combination of tasty and useful things. It is the huge source of fructose, ascorbic acid, carotene, РР vitamin, organic acids, pectin, tannic substances, anthocyanin, ironic, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, cobalt. Blueberry is for sale both fresh and frozen. In addition, it can be as a puree, juices, dried up berries. It is used for preparation of jelly, jams, pies, oafs, canapés and cereal sticks of confectionery. Wine is also prepared with using blueberry. Blueberry is deemed as dietary food for the reason of plenty useful properties. A blueberry is useful to the future mothers, as a source of folic acid that is necessary for all organs and hematogenesis system of future baby correct developing. Berries are wonderful antioxidant (due to USA researchers - the greatest among fruits and berries), that is able to warn oncologic diseases, illnesses of blood circulation, save youth of skin and sharpness of eyesight. Moreover, blueberry is a berry with low allergic impact. It is possible and needed to be in a little children’s ration. Blueberry can be used fresh, mixed with sugar or mixed with milk and creams.

  • Raspberry

Raspberry is one of the most popular berry in the world. A berry has excellent taste and has a favourable combination for the human body acids, sugars and other nutrients. As a raspberry homeland is considered countries of Central Europe. Wild raspberry has been known since ancient Greece and Rome. Raspberries - a plant of the Rubus genus, belongs to the Rose family. This deciduous semi bush height is about 1.5 meters, with stems covered with tiny thorns and edible berries. Raspberries contain organic acids (citric, salicylic, malic, tartaric etc.); pectin, colouring and nitrogen matter; sugars (mainly glucose and fructose); tannins; cellulose; volatile oils. Raspberry is vitamins-rich with a lot of vitamins and has anti-sclerotic properties. Raspberry also contains minerals and microelements and has an ability to strengthen capillaries. After the heat treatment raspberry preserves all its healing properties, thus preserves and other dishes with raspberries have all the beneficial properties of fresh berries. Raspberry can be dry-cured and be dried in the oven as well. You can freeze raspberries and continue to keep it in the freezer. However, the most common and popular way of harvesting raspberries is considered raspberry jam. Raspberries are also be prepared as compotes, fruit butter, jams etc. Raspberry maximum retains its useful properties if be wiped with sugar.

  • Strawberry

Strawberry very common in Ukraine and one of the most popular berry in the world. Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) appeared by a piece of luck: Chilean strawberry (F. chiloensis), which has been brought to collection from South America, has almost no fruited, but when the F. virginiana was planted nearby as a pollinator hybrid such a hybrid was turned over as viable and formed a big juicy fruits. This hybrid was named Fragaria ananassa for their specific taste and aroma, as well as the fruit shape looked like pineapple, and later became the ancestor varieties of this crop. The fruits of strawberries are small conical bright red (sometimes with a pinkish hue) berry, densely covered with small seeds with juicy red pulp, have a sweet taste and characteristic flavor. Berry has excellent taste and not caloric. Caloric value of Strawberry is only 36.9 kcal/100 grams, making it truly a dietary product. Fruiting only 3-4 weeks. Everbearer varieties are mainly used for outside seasonal berries for fresh market products. Unlike most other berries, strawberry carbohydrates, almost not raise the level of blood sugar so it can be and should be added to the diet of people suffering from diabetes. Strawberries are mostly tasted fresh, but number of processing strawberries are increasing. It is believed that the best taste of strawberry is with a yogurt.

  • Honey

People use honey from immemorial times. If to believe a cliff painting, people collected wild honey 13 000 B.C. yet. Bees produce floral honey from flowers of many plants types nectar. In the most of cases, honey is a mixture of different melliferous herbs drops that simultaneously thrives nearby an apiary. Such mixed by bees product is named as the combined or poly-floured honey, and when nectar comes in a beehive almost from one melliferous plant, it is named as mono-floured honey. There are sorts of mono-floured honey widespread in Ukraine: from buckwheat, linden-tree, sunflower, esparcet, clover, yellow melilot, white acacia, rape and other plants. Every honey has an original taste, color, is different in content of a substances number, however chemical composition of all floral honey sorts are very similar.

Chemical composition and food value of domestic honey are various and depend on the source of nectar, region of melliferous plants growing, time of receipt, maturity of honey, breed of bees, weather and climatic terms, sunny activity and other factors. However, basic groups of substances in honey are permanent.

Honey is the most multipurpose medicinal means that is widely used in an ethno medicine. The famous doctor of antiquity Avicenna asserted that the daily usage of honey slow down aging and prolongs youth. There are about 60 microelements useful to an organism in honey, and mainly up to 90 percent of saccharides and fructose.

Chemical and biological composition of honey makes honey as excellently nourishing product as well as an important pharmacological object that has immune-biological and antimicrobial characteristics. Honey is the concentrated high-calorific product near to cow’s plasma that substantially differs from other foodstuffs. 

Composition of honey is enough difficult, it consists of more than 70 substances that influence well on an organism. Honey includes fructose – 40 %, glucose – 35 %, small amount of saccharides and maltose, honey also contains up to 2 % of mineral saline and up to 20 % of water. There are next enzymes was found out in honey: invertase, diastases, catalase, oxidase and proteolytic enzymes, all these enzymes are needed for a normal organism functioning. With the mentioned enzymes, there are many vitamins in honey: В1, В2, В3, В5, В6, Вс, Е, К, С and carotene. Honey also has factors of growing, antibiotics and proteins. It should be noted that mineral elements and vitamins from honey are in the most appropriate form for organism assimilation and digestion.

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