About the group of companies 

Avant Group is the group of companies that conduct business in three directions: engineering and construction, transport and logistic, agribusiness. Our group of companies is aimed at working with the EU countries and with a European companies’ representative offices in Ukraine, therefore the highest European standards are set in all directions of our business: in management, work organization and production. The most of our clients are successful companies from Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, Poland and other countries of Eurozone that constantly requires services development and improvement of our products and ourselves.

About Avant Agro

Avant Agro is the youngest company in the group of our companies, but is the most ambitious in medium-term and long-term plans. Avant Agro defines its development in organic direction merely as berries growing – blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and honey production. Our production assets are in Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions. Avant Agro is strategically oriented to the European and USA markets, that is why the company conducts within international standards from the first day; that allows us to be competitive on world markets.

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